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Mixed Use Schemes

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The urban design of our cities is shifting to a more harmonious integration of land-use with living, working and recreation spaces  being carefully planned to create seamless mixed-use developments.

With the developer, the professional team and local stakeholders working together to plan and deliver successful placemaking, we are creating sustainable and vibrant communities.

CPC is an integral part of this mix.  Through our powerful portfolio of consultancy services we are supporting our clients to deliver balanced, dynamic, and inclusive environments that meet the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors, fostering economic vitality and enriching the local fabric.

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Consultancy services

  • Project management
  • Cost consultancy
  • Employer’s agent
  • Retail delivery & tenant engagement 
  • Technical due diligence
  • Strategic advice / management consultancy
  • Project recovery 
  • Project controls

Our approach

We utilise our experience of delivering projects in commercial, residential, retail, recreation, infrastructure and utilities sectors to create a unique blend of expertise that provides additional benefits and efficiencies to project planning and delivery.

Our transport experts are unlocking consents and technical approvals for developments over or adjacent to transport hubs, while our retail experts direct teams on requirements for effective design of the ground floor plane to support trading, servicing, access and deliveries. 

Our development managers connect investors, developers, and housing associations to off-market land opportunities and provide site acquisition advisory services to optimise returns on investment.

We have the capacity and know-how to deliver across eight geographical regions, offering local knowledge and data on product specification, cost, value and supply chains for all mixed-use scheme combinations.

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