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Integrated Project Controls

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Project controls in isolation can provide significant benefit to any project, whether they be planning, cost, risk, change or performance. However, many projects struggle with timely and well informed decision making due to the fact their controls functions operate in isolation.

Project controls integration is critical when pursuing a wholistic understanding and the ability to control the deterministic outcomes or any project or programme. How, when functions such as planning, cost and risk are direct impactors of each other are industries satisfied with not having integrated controls as a minimum standard whether manually or automatically?

CPC have delivered hundreds of projects with our clients and not only recognise the importance for integrated project controls as a result of that experience but have a well-established team within our PMO function to support in implementing the right controls integration, whether private or public sector, project or programme.

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Our services

  • Project controls integration maturity assessments
  • Controls structures & data integration
  • Project controls toolset assessment & recommendation
  • Project controls process review & production
  • Integrated reporting establishment
  • Rail & infrastructure project management

Our approach

We approach integrated project controls with an emphasis on establishing a single source of truth for all project controls information at the earliest possible phase of any project or programme. Our first step is to create a clear definition of requirements for project controls reporting as a one size fits all approach can often lead to onerous or inadequate processes getting in the way of delivery and often inflating the size of the project team required.

The benefit of our approach is to tailor a set of integrated controls that maximise accuracy and expedience of meaningful information to allow effective decision making, clearly outline roles and responsibilities and implement the best fit processes and tools to minimise the workload or even reduce it delivering direct commercial cost savings over and above the control on project out turn.

We emphasise clear and connected data structures being the central glue to controls integration, creating consistency and the ability to analyse trends to continuously improve repeatable tasks.

CPC do not opt for the technology only solution, and will approach project controls integration from a software agnostic perspective, opting to improve capability and process before recommending a toolset change.


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