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Operating successful railway operations is highly complex and requires successful integration between rail infrastructure, rail systems, rail operations, ongoing maintenance practices, performance monitoring and continuous improvement to meet growing demand from passenger and freight traffic.

CPC Systems has over 15 years’ experience in delivering digital solutions for rail systems in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Scandinavia – overseeing projects up to £4 billion in value.

We excel in supporting the design, testing, commissioning, and operation of Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) signalling systems and rolling stock, through a unique blend of engineering and project management expertise.

We specialise in specifying and adapting operational input collaboratively across all disciplines for seamless integration from a project’s inception to ensure operational success and to maximize benefits.  

We are ideally positioned to guide projects from start to finish and can manage the development of operational requirements, including OSHA and DITLO workshops that lay a strong operational foundation.

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Phil Dubery
Director - CPC Systems


  • CBTC System Design & Testing
  • Operational Requirements Management
  • High-Capacity Metro Optimisation
  • Systems Integration Solutions
  • Acceptance Criteria Development
  • Logistics Planning & Execution
  • Trade Union Engagement Strategies
  • Trial Running & Readiness Programs
  • CBTC Training & Manuals
  • Defect Management & Restrictions
  • Engineering Safety Assurance
  • Service Performance Enhancement Solutions

Our approach

Our approach is to craft and assess the acceptance criteria for stations, rolling stock, control systems and control rooms to ensure projects meet the highest standards.

We facilitate productive engagement with trade unions, addressing critical aspects like system behaviour, welfare, human factors, and related activities.

Our team oversees logistics planning, test train activities, signal sighting, development and management of processes for handling operational restrictions, and managing Engineering Safety Assurance Case (ESAC) deliverables including Operational Readiness Statements and Consent to Operate documentation

In addition to our consultancy services, we have developed operational decision support software, known as ‘Platform One’.

Platform One is being utilised by major rail operators to efficiently allocate and reallocate train operators and rolling stock during disruptions and normal operations, based on real-time data and analysis.

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“The variety and quantum of projects that I have been exposed to at CPC has enabled me to progress and learn faster than I ever could’ve hoped for.”

Greg, Quantity Surveyor

“CPC are knowledgeable and experienced project managers, which is reassuring as a client. When CPC are involved I know everything is in good order and that they understand how to deliver for the client.”

Kieran McSwiggan, Development Manager British Land  

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