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Our advisory and strategic change consultancy services are based on over 30 years’ experience in delivering major infrastructure projects.

With significant investment in time, money and resources required to deliver major projects, an effective strategic overview, careful planning and robust execution are crucial to long-term sustainability and success.

We are supporting our clients to:

  • Develop the scope of the project and define clear and measurable objectives, expected outcomes and benefits
    Create robust business cases to secure funding and investment
  • Develop comprehensive project execution plans, outlining all project phases, timescales, budgets and resources
  • Identify and engage with stakeholders throughout the project’s lifecycle to garner ongoing support and resolve and reduce conflict
  • Conduct thorough risk assessments to identify and manage potential challenges and constraints and mitigate them, proactively
  • Manage the project for soft and technical delivery
  • Deliver project assurance to ensure that the project is being delivered effectively to time, budget, quality and resource expectations and is compliant with all current standards and regulations.
  • Be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances and opportunities, such as technology innovations, regulations or project variations.
  • Manage the knowledge gained throughout the project and ensure that these are incorporated into future project processes and systems as appropriate.

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Advisory and strategic change services

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  • Strategic Advice
  • Strategic Change
  • Business Case
  • Project management
  • Interim senior and specialist management
  • Project execution planning 
  • Assurance and audit 
  • Project representative 
  • Knowledge management 

Our Approach

Our approach to is fully understand our client organisations, their objectives, cultures and systems in order to develop bespoke service offerings to suit specific needs. We can supplement in-house capabilities or mobilise specialist resources to deliver strategic change.

We are currently:

  • Supporting the Department for Transport’s strategic initiatives in Operator of Last Resort (OLR) and Customer Services directorates
  • Providing project assurance and project representative advisory services for £100m+ of Network Rail’s infrastructure enhancement projects
  • Developing an implementation plan for the introduction of a new train operator
  • Providing strategic advice and management for digital signalling planning and fitment to legacy rolling stock.
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