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Efficient introduction of modern railways that cater to the diverse needs of both commuters and railway operators necessitates skilled management across engineering disciplines, operations, maintenance, and their interfaces.

At CPC Systems, our team comprises specialist engineers and systems operators, complemented by data analytics expertise and 10 years’ corporate experience in delivering systems engineering projects. Our collective expertise enables us to get under the bonnet of clients’ railway systems.

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Our approach

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While we meticulously attend to the finer details, we never lose sight of the overarching perspective – the ‘System of Systems.’ This holistic approach empowers us to guide our clients through the complexities of system integration, delivering tangible value to both them and the railway’s end-users.

We firmly believe that effective systems integration, requirements elicitation, and system assurance cannot be achieved from behind a desk. Our team has hands on experience delivering numerous major international projects, commissioning new Control Systems, and introducing new Rolling Stock Fleets seamlessly into operational service.

A recent testament to this is our involvement in the Elizabeth Line project in London. Our lived experience equips us with the acumen to detect and avert potential pitfalls in the early stages of a project’s lifecycle. This, in turn, enables us to assist our clients in innovating effective solutions, eliciting sensible requirements, value engineering, expediting delivery, and, crucially, avoiding unnecessary costs.

Our suite of Systems Engineering Services is designed to benefit our clients across the entire project lifecycle.

Systems Engineering Services

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  • Optioneering
  • Concept of Operation and Maintenance Development
  • Day in The Life of (DITLO) Workshops
  • Requirements Elicitation and Development
  • Interface Management
  • System Modelling
  • Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • RAMS Analysis
  • Requirements Management (Traceability, V&V)
  • Change Control
  • Reliability Growth

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