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Our M&E Services Cost Management is built around communicating in a common engineering language, ensuring technical cost advice, allowing the design to develop towards Best Value.

We understand and appreciate the design process and that the inter-relationships and design interfaces are of vital importance.

We contribute to the design process, allowing alternative design options to be reviewed without having to compromise the intended design and programme.

We ensure Value Engineering is a continuous process the throughout all the design stages and not considered as a cost cutting exercise.

Procurement is considered from the very outset of the project and built into the Design process.

We deploy our Design Value Assurance, based around the appropriate design milestones, ensuring that the M&E design is robust and challenged.

We work across a range of sectors, including commercial, residential, education, science and technology, healthcare, hospitality, industrial and infrastructure. We have successfully delivered projects of various sizes and complexities, both in the UK and internationally.


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Allen Beever
David Nicholl
Head of M&E Services Cost Management

Our services

  • Technical cost advice
  • Design value assurance
  • Design options review
  • Life cycle costing
  • Value engineering
  • Estate De-carbonisation
  • Project Rescue
  • M&E services project management

Our approach

Each project and each design team are unique, but our preferred approach is to develop a close relationship with the designers to allow them to adopt the cost plan with confidence that reflects their developing design. 

It also allows us together to value test and conduct design value assurance reviews, providing our client’s with the confidence that the design has been robustly tested both financially and technically throughout the design stages. 

From the initial concept to the fully developed design, we consider that Buildability Design Assurance reviews are considered an integral part of the design process, from Market testing and contractor reviews to allow the design to reflect what is being procured and to then to review and adjust both cost where these elements are not easy to pick up as the design develops.

We are flexible and adaptable to your needs. We can work as part of an in-house team or as a stand-alone service. We can tailor our services to suit your specific project requirements and budget.

Regardless of your project specific needs, our services will ensure that your projects are completed within budget constraints while meeting the required performance and sustainability standards for long-term operational effectiveness.

Recent projects

Neutron and Muon Source Accelerator


UK Estate Carbon Reduction Feasibility

Buro Happold (Medical Research Council)

Carbon Reduction Feasibility Study

Buro Happold (Francis Crick Institute)

338 Euston Road (office-to-lab conversion)

British Land

Roof Mounted Chiller Replacement

Troup Bywaters Anders (Canadian Embassy)

Sustainable Boiler Replacement

Buro Happold (Royal Household Windsor)

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