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The future of energy generation in the UK and Ireland is poised for a significant transformation, marked by a strong emphasis on sustainability, decarbonisation and increased demand for low carbon and renewable energy sources.

CPC is at the forefront of unlocking access to both low and net-zero carbon energy sources supporting clients such as EirGrid deliver an ambitious plan to generate 80% of their energy through renewable sources like the wind and sun by 2030. 

Harnessing our market leading experience and project delivery capability, we bring extensive experience of successfully delivering nuclear, customer connections, transmission, upgrades, and utilities diversion projects and programmes in complex stakeholder environments.

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Our approach

Our approach is to leverage our specialist knowledge in delivering renewable energy and nuclear infrastructure to ensure our clients achieve their desired outcomes. In these sectors, projects are subject to complex safety and technical regulations, and we make it our priority to guarantee compliance with all necessary standards.

We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire project lifecycle. We start by providing strategic advice at the project’s inception, and we continue to support our clients through project and programme management, as well as providing commercial services across the full contract lifecycle. 

Our goal is to execute projects efficiently and leave a legacy in terms of project controls and delivery best practice strategies. This approach not only ensures the success of the current project but also contributes to the long-term success of renewable energy initiatives.

We bring our specialised expertise, prioritising our clients’ needs, and above all, focus on compliance, efficiency, and best practices in project execution.

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