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Despite the significant impact of Covid-19 on the aviation industry, the need to maintain, develop and enhance airport services and capabilities will remain high as airport owners strive to remain competitive in a global market in recovery.

Airports continue to transform to deliver the right infrastructure, passenger experience, technology and connectivity to provide the best service to discerning passengers.

We oversee and manage infrastructure, operational and capital programmes on behalf of airport owners, transport operators, and organisations that are a part of the aviation business community including Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Leeds Bradford, Luton Rising, TfL and Heathrow Express.

We understand the complexities and priorities of projects in a sensitive and regulated environment and bring a team with extensive experience in aviation and other sectors such as property and rail, to work alongside clients to deliver solutions.

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Jacqui Johnson
Director - Aviation

Consultancy Services

  • Advisory & Strategic Change
  • Programme management
  • Project management
  • Programme Management Office (PMO)
  • Commercial and cost management
  • Sponsorship
  • Change management
  • Procurement advice
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Risk management
  • Systems diagnostics and enhancements

Our approach & recent projects

Our agile and flexible approach enables us to build effective teams throughout the project lifecycle that will consistently meet your requirements.

CPC are members of the British Airports Group (BAG) and supplying consultancy services to Heathrow Airport and most recently, Gatwick Airport.

Terminal 5 – Track Transit System (TTS)

Heathrow Airport

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Hermes Change Programme

Heathrow Express

Terminal Drop-Off Charge (TDOC)

Heathrow Airport

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