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Assurance is a critical element of good project management practice, yet the value of assurance in projects and programmes is often overlooked.

Assurance provides confidence to a client, that a project or wider programme is on track to deliver its intended benefits, and is critical to risk mitigation and stakeholder management.

Poorly planned or inadequately applied assurance regimes are frequently a feature of failed or underperforming projects.

CPC champions the implementation of efficient, proportionate and independent assurance regimes as an indispensable tool for a client and the project manager to ensure projects deliver their anticipated outputs.

It is clear that no project should proceed without an assurance plan that defines the accountabilities and arrangements that will provide a client with independent, objective scrutiny.

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Consultancy services

  • Development of assurance plans and strategies
  • Deep dive compliance reviews
  • Process conformance assessment
  • Project Representative

Our approach

We promote the adoption of the “three lines of defence” model whereby progressive layers of scrutiny at project, corporate and external levels combine to mitigate the risk of non-conforming outcomes.

CPC has the capability to design such an assurance model to suit a particular scheme or to act as an independent reviewer at the third line of defence. At this level we would typically provide “deep dive “ reviews to selected elements of the scheme, act in the role of the client’s project representative (“P-Rep”) or assess adherence to prescribed processes.

In providing an assurance service CPC aspires to be a valued component in the delivery process; however it is sadly the case that assurance is frequently resisted at project level where it can be viewed as intrusive and negatively critical.

We seek to overcome this barrier to effective assurance by adopting a collaborative approach, offering constructive criticism and fulfilling the role of “critical friend” to the project team.

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