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Introduction of new or upgraded railway systems is complex and requires the change to be undertaken in a controlled manner. A vital component inensuring that the system safety necessitates the management of the engineering disciples, operations, maintenance and their interface including the test of the commission of the system into service.

At CPC systems, our team comprises technical safety specialist with access to system operators, engineering specialist and access to live data via our analytics expertise.

Our collective knowledge enables our team to enable the delivery of a safe operable system into service.

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Phil Dubery
Director - CPC Systems
Gordon Dixon
Director - Rail Safety
Ben Buchanan
Associate Director - Rail Systems Safety


  • Hazard Management
  • Safety Integrity Assessments
  • Fault & Event Tree Analysis (FTA & ETA)
  • Failure Modes and Effect Criticality Analysis
  • Quantified Risk, Data & Root Cause Analysis
  • Systems security
  • Risk Management Maturity Model (RM3)
  • Cultural and Regulatory Change

Our approach

We are involved in the full lifecycle of a project from conception and design through to construction and commissioning as well as ongoing operations, maintenance and upgrades/optimisation.

Our pragmatic approach to systems safety is to ensure the safe, reliable and operable system into service. Our experience includes a full understanding and compliance with the latest national and international standards including:

  • European CENELEC Standards e.g. 50126, 50129, 50716
  • North America Standards e.g. NFPA130, AREMA

This holistic approach enables us to guide our clients through the complexities of the system safety, delivering value to clients to ensure the safe operation of the railway.

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