Elizabeth Line Readiness

London Underground

On 24 May 2022, Transport for London launched a new line, the Elizabeth Line, to run overground services from Reading in Berkshire to Shenfield in Essex, running through 5 new underground stations in central London.

London Underground’s Crossrail Team (LUCT) was established as an interface unit to successfully integrate the 5 new central London stations, being built by Crossrail (a Transport for London subsidiary), with existing London Underground services.

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CPC’s team was initially approached by London Underground in 2018, to help LUCT to resolve and manage some of the key boundary issues between Crossrail and LU, as part of the delivery and readiness programme. These issues included:

1. The operation of the railway – responsibilities, requirements, governance & controls between LU and Crossrail;

2. Protection of LU assets during construction;

3. Integration works with LU stations – ensuring Crossrail works alongside existing stations were delivered successfully. This required specific guidance from LU and sometimes for the works to be undertaken by LU.

CPC worked with different functional areas to agree and map out the minimum requirements LU would accept to ensure an integrated operations and maintenance interface with the Elizabeth line Infrastructure Manager, Rail for London (RFLi).

Our team improved engagement and collaboration, to better understand the differing priorities and maturity levels of the Infrastructure Managers.

Our Services

  • Programme management
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project controls
  • Planning support
  • Document control support

Our approach

Our team was proactive throughout its involvement in the readiness programme for the Elizabeth Line’s central London stations. Our stakeholder management was consistent, robust and effective in bringing together all relevant companies, directorates and functions to better understand interfaces and priorities to deliver the programme successfully.

Our team demonstrated innovative thinking and flexibility to deliver the programme within safety requirements, never saying ‘we cannot do..’ but ‘how do we make it work…’, and coming up with mitigations and T-minus processes and route maps that allowed London Underground to achieve delivery/revenue service.

We helped LU be ready for Crossrail and helped LU to enable Crossrail.

CPC’s support increased the LU delivery capability on this hugely complex railway. We ensured that there were no delays to Crossrail that could be placed at the door of LU. Our team has also been integral to the strategy for the Close Out of Crossrail, which is the phase we are entering into now.

The Elizabeth Line’s services opened successfully in a number of scheduled phases throughout 2022.

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