Polis fosters European transport innovation

On 22 November, 550 transport professionals from across Europe, were brought together at the 2018 Polis Conference in Manchester to debate and discuss the latest innovations in transport that are delivering more sustainable Cities across the region.

The conference provided four key parallel sessions, over 100 presentations and five site visits for its participants, opening with ‘Citizens First?!’ – which looked at how intelligent transport policies can be used to overcome the challenges of reconciling the needs of the individual transport user with the interests of society as a whole.

Andy Swift, CPC Partner, also presented alongside Jonathan Berry, Transport for London to demonstrate how London Underground’s station upgrades are reshaping journeys for those travelling in and around London, the most populated City in Europe.

Andy said of the conference: “We showcased Bank Station as an example of how 100 year old infrastructure is being transformed to accommodate modern demands. Polis has enabled transport professionals, policy makers and innovators from across Europe to share their experiences, co-operate more effectively, and foster new relationships to shape the future of transport in our Cities.”

For more information on the 2018 Polis Conference please visit: https://www.polisnetwork.eu/uploads/Modules/PublicDocuments/press-release—polis-kicks-off-2018-conference.pdf

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Date: 26/11/2018
Category: News