New Life Sciences Centre for University of Oxford

CPC Project Services, have overseen the delivery of the final phase of the University of Oxford’s BioChemistry building, a department at the cutting edge of life sciences in the UK.

The £74m development comprises 13,500 sq m of science & education space over four above-ground levels and two basement levels. The complex design is uncompromising in its efficiency to support different scientific disciplines under one roof.

Air changes, vibration tolerances, cleanliness and safety where all key aspects in the development of the building’s design to ensure that the space delivered on its ability to provide multi-functional labs and workspace.

The BioChemistry building was constructed within two years and will accommodate the next phase of science research and innovation.

Jon Odell, CPC Partner said “Our team has a unique blend of skills and experience in the delivery of life sciences buildings. We quickly understood the complex requirements that this development needed for the scientific community it will serve at Oxford.

Whilst the pandemic brought its own challenges during the final phases and handover, our robust methodology, programming and benchmarking ensured that the BioChemistry building was delivered on time and under budget”

Date: 9/06/2021
Category: News