John Chappell appointed as RIA SME Chair

Following a successful campaign, CPC’s John Chappell, has been voted as the Railway Industry Association’s (RIA) SME Chair.

RIA is the trade association for rail suppliers based in the UK, representing a large proportion of the rail industry. RIA represents its members to Government, regulators, academia and other organisations such as Network Rail.

Within RIA, over 65% of its member companies are SMEs, which are represented by their own group, for which there is a Chair and Vice Chair. Both of these positions were up for re-election in 2020.

There were five candidates shortlisted to the final stage of the Chair election campaign, who took part in interviews and hustings, followed by a final pitch to all SME member companies prior to voting. John Chappell, CPC Project Services was announced as the new Chair with Lucy Prior of 3Squared, the Vice-Chair.

JChappell Associate Partner CPC

John Chappell, CPC Associate Partner said “I am thrilled to be chosen as RIA’s SME Chair. SMEs in the UK have the talent to lead the world, and I am dedicated to making sure that SMEs have a voice that is loud and clear to secure more clarity, more collaboration and more commitment to the supply chain in rail.

The Rail Sector Deal, the Williams Review and Network Rail’s SME plan provide us with a unique opportunity to position SMEs at the heart of the rail industry both in the UK and abroad”

If you are a RIA SME Member or have any queries for John, please do get in touch via LinkedIn, or follow John on Twitter.

Date: 23/03/2020
Category: News