Is MIPIM still relevant after 30 years?

2019 marked the 30th Anniversary for MIPIM, a global real estate event held annually in Cannes, France – so how does the conference retain its ‘world-leading event’ status over so many years?

With over 24,000 delegates attending from all over the world, MIPIM, provides the opportunity to meet the most influential players from all sectors of the international property market with unrivalled access to the greatest number of development projects and sources of capital worldwide.

For me, it is my 15th consecutive year at MIPIM, and as Partner at CPC Project Services (CPC), one of the UK leading project management consultancies, I have the opportunity to meet key developers, end users and public sector clients in a more relaxed and convivial environment.  MIPIM also enables me to get further exposure to the international market, where CPC has made inroads over the last two years, with current projects in Zurich, Paris, Frankfurt.

Since the outcome of the EU Referendum, UK PLC has increased its presence across both the Public and Private sectors to reinforce the message that, despite the inertia and uncertainty caused by Brexit, the United Kingdom, as a key player in Europe and the Real Estate market, is very much open to European and International investors and end users, alike.

The theme for this year’s event was “Engaging the Future”.  Some of the key discussion topics included:

  • Evolving new technology and human behaviour – which is transforming the nature of real estate as an investment, and as a product or service we use as consumers;
  • People centricity – as a key factor for growing a successful business;
  • High energy prices, climate change and government regulation – are already pushing sustainability up the real estate agenda.

The programme of the conference planned to envision the next 30 years under the lens of ‘durability’: an enabler for economic growth, sustainable performance and community cohesion. The real estate industry has a whole new cycle to work with over the next 30 years, fostering a lasting, positive impact in every built environment.

There is no doubt that CPC’s visibility is being widened in the market by having a presence at MIPIM. This year, I was able to spend valuable time with key decision makers, including the Head of EMEA Real Estate from Google, something that would take months of planning in the UK. I also attended a series of UK and London-focused fringe events where I met more localised decision makers and influencers across sectors, providing me with the opportunity of restating CPC’s recent experience and discussing our aspirations as a business.

With new and strengthened client relationships, my focus is to maximise the opportunities that MIPIM provides and secure bigger and better projects in the UK and overseas.

Date: 31/03/2019
Category: Steve's Blog