CPC staff complete Mental Health Awareness workshops

Over the last eight weeks, CPC Project Services (CPC) staff have been taking part in a series of workshops exploring Mental Health and Anxiety in the Workplace.

The sessions, run by Jon Manning of Arthur Ellis – a not-for-profit organisation specialising in mental health support – were split into two key areas targeting managers and non-managers. Workshops for managers focussed on increasing overall emotional intelligence, identifying early signs of mental health issues and providing practical tools to support employees identified as suffering with poor mental health.

These were followed by a series of more personalised workshops for non-managers focussing on increasing overall emotional intelligence, identifying early signs (in self and others) and providing clinically driven self-help tools for individuals, including the 5-2-7 technique and grounding techniques.

Siobhan Delany, CPC Partner and Head of HR said ““It was on the back of one of regular Partner meetings, that Jon come along to speak about mental health and the importance of talking to each other on this subject. This helped us to recognise that it was our duty to bring awareness & support on these issues to all our staff.

With a better understanding of anxiety and mental health, our people are now better equipped to recognise and manage situations when they arise and can continue to promote well-being both in themselves and others.”

Following these sessions, CPC is developing a Mental Health Guide for Managers to equip them with the tools and assistance they need when confronted with issues by a member of staff. CPC has also embarked on a long-term communications programme to regularly update the Company about the avenues of support that are available to all staff around mental health.

Date: 16/05/2019
Category: News