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Learning & Development

A holistic approach

Our PMAS (Performance Management Appraisal Systems) framework provides a structured approach to our learning and development programmes.  We work with you to develop objectives and goals to further your learning, and develop the skills that you need to succeed.  With six-monthly reviews, we help you to maintain your learning momentum and recognise your achievements and progress. 

We offer a forum to enable you to benefit from mentoring and coaching on a formal and informal basis. We enable you to give and receive honest and open feedback within a supportive environment, that is focussed on continuously improving your career journeys and working life.

We are dedicated to promoting internally into senior positions and have clear and transparent career paths for you to work towards.

The CPC Way

We have a framework around our project delivery and methodologies, the CPC Way, that is linked to your career pathway, providing you with development programmes, guidance, advice and toolkits to enable you to maximise your performance.

We are also supporting each other, with employee-led support groups such as APM, RICS and IRSE Chartership support as well as mentoring groups and buddy systems.

Our knowledge share programmes are enhanced by the active roles we hold as board members, trustees and members of special interest groups within recognised and well respected associations that are innovating and shaping the future of our consultancy world.

Careers at CPC

Working at CPC

If you are interested in joining CPC, we would be delighted to hear from you.