London Underground

Jubilee Line Capacity Improvement

Transport for London had a requirement to optimise the railway capacity and performance of the Jubilee Line.

CPC were engaged to review the operational, capacity and technical options to establish the optimum business solution. in the most cost-efficient manner taking into account capital, revenue and operational implications and costs. The output of the review showed that the required business benefits could be delivered for a substantially reduced scope and complexity of works.

This took advantage of extensive knowledge and analysis of the existing railway operation and train control systems and by substituting simple system and data changes in place of the complex system and infrastructure changes that had been proposed in the original project scope.

CPC project managed the engineering activities from the high-level system modelling, capacity optimisation and the timetable verification through to the detailed review of train and system performance and the specification of detailed solutions that would provide the capacity upgrade.

There was an extensive validation process by which CPC had to demonstrate that each element of the engineering activities had been rigorously checked to demonstrate that the credibility of the technical solution and that the projected benefits would be delivered.   This culminated in successful presentations for the overall technical package, conclusion and recommendations to senior stakeholders to demonstrate the credibility and robustness of the technical solutions.

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Our services

  • Railway operation and capacity optimisation and modelling
  • Business case options for best client solution
  • Use of operational data to validate and prove models and solutions

Supporting the client has facilitated an improved approach to upgrading modern systems on an operational railway. CPC has been able to develop a practical and cost -effective solution that improves railway capacity and robustness without the need for complex system or infrastructure changes.

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