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Smart Ticketing Programme

The Department for Transport (DfT) committed to investing £80m to roll-out smart ticketing across England and Wales by the end of 2018 and created the Smart Ticketing on National Rail (STNR) programme to achieve this.

CPC were appointed by the DfT’s Passenger Services’ team to deliver a number of commercial, project and stakeholder management roles to support this programme.

Our team of programme, project and cost managers were responsible for:
• Developing an effective strategic approach to deliver the smart ticketing programme efficiently;
• Agreeing the scope and costs of the required works and negotiating and contracting Deeds of Amendment with 11 Train Operating Companies;
• Supporting the delivery of the programme on time and on budget.; and
• Developing and implementing a transitional programme to enable the DfT to effectively monitor the programme’s outcomes and benefits.

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Our Services

• Strategic advice
• Programme management
• Project management
• Commercial negotiations
• Contract management
• Stakeholder engagement
• External communications

CPC’s team brought project and programme expertise to successfully implement solutions at the forefront of rail’s technological innovation, with strategic supply chain management and commercial advice to implement value for money solutions, leading to project success.

The Smart Ticketing on National Rail (STNR) programme successfully achieved it’s strategic objectives in December 2018, and has given passengers greater choice by enabling rail travel across the network without a paper ticket.

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