Trainee Surveyor (train station audits) – Leeds

Transport & Infrastructure

Start date – late October 2021 or early November 2021

In order to be considered for this role, it is crucial that you are within close commuting distance / proximity to Leeds railway station.

In order to do this role, you must understand that you will be visiting 1-2 train stations per day in order to carry out simple audits and surveys – this role will mainly have you out on your feet (not a full time office based role). Please only apply if you like to be outdoors.

CPC Project Services LLP is currently recruiting for Train stations auditors. CPC Project Services LLP is an independent Project management consultancy, specialising in supporting clients in the transport and infrastructure sector – primarily rail and highways.

Primary role is to undertake national railway station accessibility audits to assess the compliance against set industry standards. The outputs of the audit will be used to update passenger information on network accessibility and provide actionable information for future investment.

This is a full time (Monday to Friday) fixed term salaried contract role for 11 months. In addition to basic salary, we provide full comprehensive benefits including holidays, healthcare, pension as well as discretionary bonus for job well done.

What you’ll be doing:

  • To undertake station accessibility audits – completing all data collection (against set questions) and inputs into an iPad for use by others,
  • To undertake audits in a competent and professional manner based on a set number of stations per day,
  • To undertake such audits with a set accuracy KPI which will be set at the outset and monitored at ad hoc times by an independent assessor. Note poor data collection will require that station to be re-audited,
  • To undertake such audits with no incidents or accidents to self or others.

This role will not have you get anywhere near tracks or any areas of stations that will require additional health and safety protocols.

  • To undertake training as necessary – accessibility standards, use of technical equipment, ways of working at stations and input of data collection,
  • To work with the Survey Lead to plan forthcoming audits in a logical and cost/time efficient manner – based on size of station and location of partner auditor (generally working in pairs except on single platform stations),
  • To prep planned station audits. For example – checking photo’s on google, checking pre-loaded station data and establishing optimum sequence of undertaking the audit work,
  • Responsible for undertaking station audits (within redline boundary of station) against 250 set accessibility questions using equipment as necessary (tape measures, incline calculators, iPad for data input) – to upload data on completion,
  • To contribute to risk assessments, feedback, lessons learnt and collaboration with others, in particularly the Survey Lead and the auditor’s partner,
  • Represent CPC Project Services in a professional manner when auditing stations,
  • To act professionally, courteously and safely with all station operational staff and passengers.

Relevant skills and experience:

  • Technical ability to read station drawings and understand these and the link to associated accessibility data,
  • Technical ability to use equipment and record data accurately – measurement of ramp widths, measurement of ramp incline,
  • Technical competence to check compliance against data standards. For example – disabled toilets are compliant against a number of set criteria (which will be provided),
  • Excellent attention to detail,
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

Other relevant information:

  • Ability to work effectively alone or in pairs as a team,
  • Ability to accept a considerable amount of daily travelling and some hotel stays as necessary to ensure optimum output over many months,
  • Ability to perform work at stations in various weather conditions e.g., many stations have exposed platforms,
  • Clean driving licence beneficial (option for hire cars to be used for more remote stations),
  • Potential on completion of this role to be offered a permanent position within the CPC Property and Construction surveying team.
Trainee Surveyor (train station audits) – Leeds
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