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Rosie Teggin – Quantity Surveyor

Rosie Teggin Quantity Surveyor CPC

Describe your typical day….

My typical day is generally a mixture of meetings with clients and contractors, as well as site visits to review the progress of a scheme, as well as undertake valuations. The admin side of the role, which includes meeting minutes, payment notices, instructions, therefore has to be slotted around my day.

How did you get started?

I actually ‘fell’ into the role of being a Quantity Surveyor! I started working at my previous firm in an admin role and they offered to assist me with my post graduate qualification to become a QS. I started formal training in 2011 and never looked back

What do you love about your job?

I love the variety of my job. No two days are the same and I am not always sat at my desk. I get to visit building sites across the north of the UK, as well as chair progress meetings for our clients. Each day I am faced with new challenges that make my job interesting. The roles of quantity surveyor, employer’s agent and project manager are progressing all the time which means the skill set is always expanding, so there is never a dull day.

What advice so you have for those who are thinking about a career in construction?

My advice would be to do some research into the large number of career options within the industry. Also try and get some work experience to see if, for example, quantity surveying or project management suits your skills and personality.

What do you do after work?

I like to bake and exercise, not that the two really go hand in hand. During the last 12 months I took up running to support my husband who was training for a half marathon. It turned out I enjoyed it much more than he did and I have kept it up. I find that getting outside gives me a clean break from my working day and allows me to clear my mind.

What has been your biggest challenge since the Covid-19 pandemic?

My biggest challenge has been to stay motivated with work and exercise during the strict lockdown. I found that setting a routine for my days really helped. So I would try and work to the same routine, and give myself a cut off point at the end of the day to stop working.

What is /would your alternative career be?

I never really knew what I wanted to do from a young age or anything. I have an English and American Literature degree, so people always assumed I wanted to be a teacher. But I think I probably would have been a personal trainer. I have a keen interest in fitness, like working with other people and like to think I can be supportive.


Charlotte – Project Manager

Describe your typical day…

Typically, my day starts at 7am when I review the shift reports from the night teams whilst drinking my first cup of tea of the day. I like to do this first thing to catch the night shift teams before they go to sleep and it often dictates how the rest of my day is going to look.  I then have a relatively short commute to Stratford where I work on London Undergrounds 4LM project. I tend to use my commute to write a to do list for the rest of the day.

I arrive at the office log in to a hot desk and see where my first meeting is. Generally, 50% of my day is spent in meetings so I have to be good with my time management and ensure my to do list is prioritised.   I often am the only female in the meetings I attend, I’m used to this demographic as it’s all I’ve known but I do wonder how the dynamic would change if there were more woman or even no woman in the meetings I attend…

My day finishes at around 6, I tend to use my commute home to read any of the important emails I’ve not got around to or call anyone I’ve missed during the day.

How did you get started?

I started on an engineering grad scheme and realised during my PMO placement I best suited project management.

What do you love about your job?

I like that every day is different & the skills you use vary with this.

What changes would you like to see in the next 5 years in property and construction?

Goes without saying more woman enter the industry. I’d also like to see the better use of technology for efficiency and environmental gains.

What advice so you have for those who are thinking about a career in construction?

Make sure you’re not precious about where you work, think porter cabins,  early starts, and being outside whatever the weather.

What do you do after work?

When you have work being delivered on site out of office hours it can be hard to switch off so I like to do activities that mean you can’t relax and detach from your phone. Like going to the gym or cinema, meeting up with friends.

What is /would your alternative career be?

I’d love to do something that meant I got paid to travel.


Our employee charter sets out our commitment to leveraging our people’s unique abilities, encouraging diversity and ensuring that all staff have equal opportunities to succeed.


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From our staff

“The variety and quantum of projects that I have been exposed to at CPC has enabled me to progress and learn faster than I ever could’ve hoped for.”
– Greg, Quantity Surveyor

“CPC has provided me with the opportunity to further my career in areas that are of genuine interest”
– Jon, Partner

“CPC’s values create a culture of which I am proud to be a part of”
– Sarah, PA

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