Project, programme & portfolio management

We provide services to help our clients deliver exceptional schemes, regardless of complexity, on time, on spec and on budget.

We operate at three levels, according to your needs:

  1. Project management – helping you deliver a single scheme. Depending on its size and complexity, this may require just one consultant or a bespoke team
  2. Programme management – supporting a set of interlinked projects, typically with a team of consultants
  3. Portfolio management – helping you deliver a portfolio of programmes and projects, typically deploying a team that will deliver economies of scale to your capital investments

We have over 20 years’ experience in managing a wide range of such initiatives across our core sectors, including:

  • The Southbank Centre:  a single £2 million renovation project
  • The Christie NHS Foundation Trust:  a £45 million programme of capital schemes to transform its facilities
  • Hadley Property Group:  a £5 million portfolio of prime and super-prime residential property schemes
  • London Underground:  a vast, £8.1 billion portfolio of capital investments from station and train upgrades to track replacement programmes

Our fundamental approach is to work in partnership with our clients as valued advisors.

Our policy of remaining independent from providers of subsidiary services, such as design and construction, avoids conflicts of agenda and ensures we always manage those services in your best interests.

Clients say they most value the trust this fosters, our understanding of their business and the extensive sector experience we bring.

To discuss our project management services further, please get in touch with your nearest office or our expert for your sector.

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Steve Mole
Managing Partner

Steve Mole
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