Design Management

The success or otherwise of a construction project is dependent on the provision of a design which meets the client’s requirements in terms of time, cost and quality, and careful management of the design process is fundamental.

From the definition of a project brief until the final preparation of detailed drawings and specifications, the team must be focused on delivering project objectives, and CPC take a leading role in making sure this is achieved.

In particular, we specialise in the following areas:

  • Business case preparation – we use our experience to work with clients to develop a business case which maximises benefits given the resources available;
  • Selection of design team – we advise clients on suitable designers for each individual process, and manage any tender activity required;
  • Outline design preparation – we work with the design team to develop proposals which meet the guidelines of the business case and meet or exceed client expectations;
  • Detailed design – following sign off of outline designs, we manage the production of detailed designs and tender documentation, ensuring compliance with statutory or industry specific regulations;
  • Statutory authorities – we manage the interface with statutory authorities as required to ensure timely acceptance of proposals.

Our approach is to take an independent role during the design process, and our objective is to mitigate any conflicts or issues raised during the design process in order to achieve best value for our clients. We take a proactive approach, using our considerable experience of the industry to anticipate potential problems at an early stage and work with the design team to come up with practical solutions within the constraints of the project.

Our tried and tested approach to design management has led to success in the following projects –

  • The Christie Hospital NHS Trust – development of the phase 1 clinical trials unit in the world. CPC managed the design process from completion of the business case until completion to produce a facility which was fully compliant with healthcare standards and provided a suitable caring environment within budget
  • London Buses Ltd - West Ham Bus Garage – relocation of existing bus garages, involving provision of temporary facilities until the construction of the new garages were complete. We managed the procurement of the design team and the completion of temporary and permanent solutions within a defined timescale as part of the Olympic programme.
  • New North London Synagogue – new-build 16,000 sq ft synagogue on a brown field site. CPC managed the full design process, and played a vital role in discharging significant and ecological and  sustainability related planning conditions to achieve the client’s requirements.

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