Commercial & cost management services

We provide an invaluable range of commercial services for capital projects.

We deliver these services in partnership with you - supporting every stage of your scheme from inception to completion to help you achieve your goals at least risk and best value for money.

Our main commercial services include:

Cost management - enabling you to plan, monitor and control your expenditure throughout the lifecycle of your project.

This is far from mundane, ‘brick counting’ that tells you little more than what you’ve already spent. Our specialist, proactive service puts you in the driving seat for the financial aspects of your development. It helps you balance your expenditure with the right performance, quality and aesthetic considerations.

Appraisal & monitoring - enabling you to assess the viability and risks of your scheme with considerable accuracy.

We provide appraisal and monitoring across the entire development process, from inception and property acquisition through design and construction to final letting, management or disposal.

Expert witness & litigation support - helping you resolve construction-related disputes based on significant experience in providing expert opinions and handling contractual disagreements.

Risk management - assisting in the development of risk registers and mitigation measures and the careful management of project risks from start to finish.

‘Employer’s agent’ support - expertly handling the administration of design and build contracts on your behalf, however technical or complex.

Value management - ensuring you get the best possible value for money from your capital investment.

Capital allowance tax advice - helping you make major plant investments in the most financially advantageous way.

Insurance assessments - enabling you to avoid the catastrophic consequences of under-insurance and the unnecessary costs of over-insurance. We can accurately assess building replacement costs and ensure these aren’t open to challenge, should you need to claim.

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