Organisational development

In a challenging environment of accelerating change and ever-tightening budgets, every organisation needs to strive to attain the best possible performance.

We can help you achieve this through a systematic approach to organisational development – with particular expertise in the health, education, transport and local government sectors.

Our approach
Our organisational development service has three main strands, tailored to your needs:

  1. Lean Thinking - a comprehensive methodology to reduce waste, exploit significant cost savings and maximise efficiency as part of an organisational development initiative. With a relentless focus on customer values and staff engagement at its core, it’s a powerful tool to boost your business performance.

    See also further details on our broader Lean Thinking service.

  2. Business Management Systems (BMS) – enabling you to boost your reputation, revenue and profitability by helping you to raise and demonstrate the quality of your services. Our specialists in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 can help you put the most appropriate BMS in place.
  3. Training & development – working with you to devise and implement a bespoke, cost-effective strategy to ensure your employees have the right skills to help you achieve your organisational goals, now and in the future.

In delivering the best combination of services for your organisation, we’ll work in close partnership with you and your team. At the heart of this collaborative approach is a focus on sharing our knowledge and experience to embed the development process in your organisation for the long term.

Our clients value this partnership spirit, the energy and expertise of our consultants and our specialism in their sectors.

Get in touch
To discuss how we could help you achieve highly effective organisational development, please get in contact with your nearest office or our expert in your sector.