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CPC co-hosts Communication and Risk roundtable

Updated 3 July 2017

Radar Talk

CPC were privileged to co-host the RADAR Roundtable with ResoLex on 3 May, which discussed the emerging science of communications networks and people behaviour analysis, in delivering significant improvements in efficiency and risk reduction for infrastructure and construction projects.

Dr Stephen Pryke, Director of the UCL Centre for Organisational Analysis (CONA) and Simon Addyman, a former London Underground Construction Programme Manager and visiting UCL lecturer, revealed the people based communications network studies that CONA provides to help major projects better understand how their organisations are working and collaborating.

The roundtable included a select group of 30 senior decision makers representing property owners, developers, suppliers, lawyers, business analysts and researchers.

Giles Henday, CPC Partner said: "As project managers, CPC is keen to help advance the science of understanding how people collaborate so that in future we better understand the recipe to achieve project success - UCL and Resolex offer key tools that help us do this. The discussion and audience interaction afterwards, demonstrated that both clients and practitioners see the value in advancing this understanding too."

Edward Moore, Chief Executive, ResoLex said “The communications network study by CONA brought to life the information flow on the project. This insight has the potential to be hugely valuable as a project tool in the future. We are very excited to be working with CPC and UCL to offer innovative solutions to ever more complex project environments”

For more information about the roundtable discussions and Social Network Analysis please visit:

CPC co-hosts roundtable

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