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13 May 2016

For the last 9 months CPC Systems have collaborated with Brighton University Engineering Department to set a group of 5 Engineering students a final year project as part of their Masters.

The team – comprising one electrical and four mechanical engineers – presented the results of their project to George Clark (Engineering Director, Capital Programmes - London Underground) and the CPC Systems team.

The challenge CPC Systems set, was to investigate a method of detecting and recording the stopping position of the trains at Jubilee Line stations with Platform Edge Doors (PEDs).

The project stipulated that the detection had to be independent to the existing Transmission-Based Train Control (TBTC) SelTrac system but have the potential to interface with the trains Vehicles on board Computer (VOBC). The team explored several options analysing pros and cons for each such as cost, complexity, effectiveness and durability.

The CPC Systems team and George Clark were all impressed with the engineering solution that the team came up with and the enthusiasm and professionalism they have showed throughout the project. The team submitted their project on the 19th May and we wish them the best of luck!

"It was great to see future engineers taking on a real challenge that railways can face and progress innovative solutions in a systematic way. Their research and presentation was both professional and thought provoking and is certainly something we should progress further."
George Clark, Engineering Director, Capital Programmes Directorate, London Underground

"It is a breath of fresh air to see what a group of young, enthusiastic engineers can come up with when set with a complex task. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team and hope that this project has shown them there is room for innovation within rail and inspired them to pursue careers in the industry!"
Charlotte Hughes, Project Manager CPC Systems

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