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CPC delivers new training facilities for Network Rail

27 August 2015

Over the last 18 months, CPC Project Services has provided project, programme and cost management support to Network Rail, to complete a £55m investment in state-of-the-art training facilities across Britain.

CPC delivers new training facilities for Network Rail

The facilities at Basingstoke, York and Swindon are among the seven dedicated national rail training facilities in the country, which will introduce the latest rail technologies through simulated and practical signaling, welding, electrification and track training, and soon to be a digital rail environment.

The Department of Transport has recently announced its commitment to deliver 30,000 industry apprenticeships to ensure a continuous pipeline of skilled workers, and Network Rail’s new training facilities are at the heart of this five-year strategy in rail.

Helen Williams, CPC Project Manager said “Our strategic programme support has enabled Network Rail to deliver inclusive training facilities and schemes that will deliver 270,000,000 training days a year for the People Capability Programme”

For more information please visit Network Rail’s website:

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