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Extraordinary Times

29 July 2016

As we approach our year end, the Partners have been preparing our business plan for the year ahead and reviewing our position against our 3 year plan of £20m revenue for the year ending 31 July 2018.

Never before has the political and economical landscape of the UK and our membership of the EU figured so highly in our planning process. The Partners must consider the implications of Brexit and more locally the affects of the new Mayor for London who is faced with significant funding constraints amounting to £2.5Bn+ over the next 5 years. These issues could be compounded by the outcome of the Presidential Election in the US, which is in the balance.

We have seen that the appointment of a new UK Prime Minister and the formation of a new government has helped settle the markets as one dimension of uncertainty has been resolved. How Theresa May and her government works through the process of Brexit and the resultant implications remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain we are in unchartered waters!

The past 5 years for CPC have been the most progressive in our 26 year history and we have seen the business grow to a turnover of £16m, providing services to both the public and private sector. In the past 12 months we have and continue to deliver in excess of 250 projects for 79 client organisations using our 140+ strong team of experienced staff.

In order to ensure we are able to respond to these uncertain market conditions the Partners have agreed to place greater control on expenditure in the year ahead and to make sure that we use our money wisely to invest in the right activities.

Our future success will be dependent on our ability to navigate through these difficult times. One of CPC's key strengths is our agility as a business is to seek out the opportunities that these changing times present. We must continue to remain close to our existing clients and provide them with innovative solutions that enable them to also succeed in this challenging environment.

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