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Housing - a Social and Affordable Priority

30 June 2016

CPC attended this year's annual Chartered Institute for Housing conference held in Manchester.

The three day conference comprises informative plenary sessions where topical items are presented and debated followed by a series of networking events enabling individuals to meet up with old friends and build new relationships.

CPC took the opportunity to host a lunch for circa 50 guests at the Beef and Pudding restaurant in the centre of town. The event was organised by our new team of housing experts, led by Kevin Smith, that joined our business from AECOM in February. The event provided the perfect platform to meet a number of new and prospective clients, as well as strategic partners in the housing sector that we now work with in the North of England.

In a brief introductory speech I set out the three key drivers for why CPC hosted the event: firstly, to demonstrate our support and commitment to our new team of housing experts and to the clients that had transferred their business to CPC in recent months; secondly, to reinforce our plans to grow and expand our business in the North from our offices in Leeds and Manchester; and finally, our intent to diversify and develop new business in the housing sector. Since February, our team in Manchester has secured valuable places on two key frameworks: Innovation Chain North West and Cutting Edge both are providing project and cost management and EA services to the social and affordable housing sector. These provide the ideal platform to grow our business over the next 3-4 years.

The arrival of our housing team in Manchester complements our expanding team in London, which was bolstered in April 2015 by the acquisition of KSA, a project management firm providing services to the social and affordable housing sector. Like our colleagues in the North we have seen similar successes in the South, not least our recent appointment by Lambeth Council to undertake three significant estate regeneration projects providing 790 mixed tenure homes in total, including replacement homes for existing residents.

With the recent outcome of the EU referendum we are already seeing signs of investors withdrawing from the UK housing market. It is predicted that the prime and super prime sectors will be hit hardest. That said there remains a need to continue building housing stock to meet the requirements of a growing and ageing population, particularly in the social, affordable and care sectors. To this end, I am confident that our newly established housing team are well positioned to respond to the challenges of Brexit and increase our market share in this sector across the UK in the years ahead.

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