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CPC at BCO Conference in Amsterdam

30 June 2016

CPC's Partner, Duncan Adams, represented the business at this year's BCO Conference in Amsterdam this month.

This key industry event is attended by major figures in the UK's commercial office world comprising End Users, Developers, Agents, Consultants and Contractors. This not only provides a great forum for networking but enables topical issues of the day, both macro and micro, to be discussed and debated. The theme this year was "Challenge Everything" and the sessions were structured in a way to encourage the delegates to challenge the norm : Just because something has always been done in a certain way, doesn't mean it is either right or always has to continue to be done that way.

In light of this one of the major issues discussed was the possibility and consequences of a Brexit. Against a background of turmoil in Europe, the plenary sessions considered how social and economic unrest, together with changing workforce demands, could shape our approach and our buildings. Whilst the predominantly middle aged, middle class attendance voted, in an informal show of hands, to stay in Europe by a significant majority, this is in no way representative of the British Population as a whole. However, the effect that a Brexit would have on the commercial office market in London and the regional cities of the UK was considered to be significant in the short term with many questions raised as to the ability to maintain London as the key Financial Centre once the borders have been redrawn. It will be interesting to see how things play out in this vote of a lifetime and we can only hope that the electorate vote in the best interests of business and Britain as a whole.

The 600 plus attendees reflected on a successful conference with the uncertainty in the immediate future of international clients resisting making decisions on moves and investments until after the referendum result is known.

CPC along with other businesses and the people of the UK will soon learn the outcome of a democratic vote that will determine the face and substance of our country for the next generation.

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