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13th – Lucky for Some!

31 October 2014

With Building's Top 150 consultants published earlier this month, I am pleased to report that CPC is moving up the rankings with an overall position of 49th compared to 57th this time last year.

In terms of Project Management firms we are now 13th compared to our previous listing of 18th. It must be noted that the twelve organisations that sit above us are large multidisciplinary engineering and QS firms. This said, if we continue on our current growth curve CPC is likely to earn a privileged place in the top 10, supporting our journey towards our vision to be recognised as the UK's best independent programme and project management consultancy.

We are certainly paving the way for continued success and growth by securing major long term frameworks with high profile clients - the latest being our successful award of the project and programme management framework with Transport for London. This sought after framework will facilitate the delivery of 3-5 years of capital projects that will see the landscape of London’s stations and infrastructure change significantly and provide a more sustainable and accessible network for the 9 million people expected to be residing in the most popular city in the world by 2018.

Outside of London, HS2 is a major target for CPC. At October's Supply Chain Conference in Manchester, Simon Kirby, HS2's Chief Executive, affirmed that 60% of contracts will be awarded to small to medium sized businesses. The major work packages will be procured over the next 4-5 years to support the £11.8Bn Phase 1 works, comprising: Design & Services (£0.4bn); Tunnels (£3bn); Surface Route (£3.8bn); Stations (£2.9bn); Railway Systems (£1.7bn). With the recent opening of our Leeds office and our established network in London, CPC is focused on converting new business with HS2 in early 2015.

HS2 combined with our recently secured TfL framework, increasing opportunities with Network Rail, an increased presence in the residential and commercial development market, and a concerted effort to grow our business consulting offer, puts CPC in good stead to make the top 10 in the foreseeable future.

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