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How do you secure talent in a buoyant market?

30 September 2014

With spending on UK capital projects and infrastructure at an all time high and the role of the project manager becoming the career of choice for many - how do you identify and attract top talent?

Here are the facts: the UK’s spending provision on capital projects and infrastructure to 2025, has increased by 51%, with a pipeline of public investment projects valued at £100Bn in the next Government. This coupled with 47% of students seeking a career in project management wanting to pursue the role of Project Manager and 33% looking for graduate schemes to kick start their profession, intensifies the challenge to make sure you select the rising stars.

In the first instance you need to have the ability to secure high profile projects – this comes from secured frameworks and strong client relationships, a track record of delivery and a name that clients are confident to contract with. Secondly, you need to have an established approach to identify key talent in the market place – this comes from relationships with recruiters, targeted adverts and reward systems for employees to recommend potential candidates from their networks. But in an employees market you must be creative and employ innovative ways of attracting people to your business. Finally, the selection process must be robust – in CPC this takes the form of a three stage process: stage 1 - cultural alignment and personality; stage 2 technical skills and experience and finally stage 3 - mental agility and problem solving skills in a pressured environment.

In an employees market its no longer the Company asking: why should we employ you?... the candidates are asking…why should I choose to work for you? Of course salary, health benefits, pension benefits all help to pay the bills, but people want to work for companies where they can ultimately find job satisfaction with a clear career path that aligns with their personal aspirations. People want a place that fits their beliefs and ethics, a place that’s going to challenge them, a place that’s going to support their growth and development, a place where they are also able to coach and develop others. People want to be in a successful Company that allows them to use their skills, experience and creativity, a company that encourages learning and teamwork but also enables them to work autonomously, if required.

Does a Company like this exist? Sure it does... welcome to CPC.

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