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Does Growth Lead to Mediocrity?

31 August 2014

CPC has completed its 3rd year as an LLP with a further successful year of growth and diversity.  This year CPC will reach its 25th Anniversary since its formation back in January 1990.  Throughout 2015 we are planning a series of events with clients and employees to say thank you and celebrate this major milestone in our Company's history.

Our plans for growth will see the business increase from £10m to £15m business over the next three years with a strategy to spread our business more evenly across our three divisions: Transport & Infrastructure; Property & Construction and Business Consulting.

Our major challenge throughout this period is to ensure that we do not compromise our current high standards and service levels in pursuit of growth.  There are a number of questions that we need to address in the future:  What is the optimum size of a project management consultancy? At what point are you no longer an SME, but a small large company? At what point does growth lead to mediocrity?

My view is that a company of between 150 - 250 people hits the sweet spot.  A company of this size will have the depth of capability to ensure it can deliver major schemes for multiple blue chip clients.  It will be big enough to provide stability, whilst not being too dependent on any one sector. It will be of a size to provide career paths for our people, and our clients can rest assured that they will continue to receive an exemplar service with the required levels of leadership and management from our partners.

Here’s to CPC and the next 25 years!

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