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Know thy client

31 May 2014

As CPC approaches the end of its 3rd year as an LLP we have enjoyed three years of success and growth both in terms of revenues and an increasing client base. In 2013 we secured commissions with 20 new clients and a further 12 in the first 6 months of 2014.

This aligns with our objective to diversify to ensure that we were not too reliant on any one particular sector. We now have a good mix of clients across rail, education, health, local government, residential and commercial property.

With growth comes different challenges not least building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients - the key here is regular genuine contact. We empower all of our people to engage with our clients and to build lasting relationships. One of our key principles is that we care about our clients and the environments in which we both work and help create. We have many touch points with our clients to ensure we are providing the desired level of service from our regular client reviews to client feedback on the performance of our people against our core values. We encourage genuine objective feedback to ensure we can address any shortcomings and build on the positives, both as individuals and as a business.

Our aim is to become trusted advisors to each and every one of our core clients. It is only through strong lasting client relationships that we will realise our vision to be recognised as the UK’s best independent programme and project management consultancy.

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