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Andy Norris


Andy joined CPC in April 2012 as partner, responsible for growing and delivering our business in the rail sector.

Andy brings over 20 years project management experience in the transport sector, predominately in overground rail – ranging from franchise bidding, devolution alliance through to delivery of major capital infrastructure projects. The range of clients that Andy has worked with include train operators, Network Rail, Digital Railway, ATOC, rolling stock leasing companies, passenger transport executives, Department of Transport, TfL and private developers.

Nationally Andy is well know as Project Director for ETCS fitment to passenger trains – a service for the ROSCO’s and working in partnership with ROSCO’s, DfT, Network Rail, suppliers and train operators.

He is a highly qualified consultant with considerable experience of managing complex projects in the rail sector. With a solid track record underpinned by expertise in managing multi stakeholder projects often in operational environments. Andy is confident, creative and intelligent with abilities, which have been widely acknowledged by clients for whom he has successfully delivered a variety of challenging projects.

Andy Norris

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